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All services are live in person and you are very welcome to attend.


It is GOOD NEWS! that whatever you are going through, God is infinitely bigger than all your troubles and will hear the cry of your heart! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer! Do please contact us if you are struggling or despairing of life so we can lead you clearly to Jesus Christ.


You are all very warmly welcome.


N.B. WE DO NOT USE "COOKIES" to monitor those who view this website. We understand that recent laws oblige us to let you know this.



St Johns Continuing Church


About us

The Church of England Continuing, of which we are a small congregation, was formed in 1994.


We believe that the Bible is as vital and relevant today as ever and must not be explained away but rather applied to this needy world.


Our basis of faith is the 39 Articles of Religion which dates back to 16th Century when God graciously brought England out of the Dark Ages.


Our denomination website is where there are resources which will be very profitable to read, especially the early editions of "The Journal" which explain why the Church of England Continuing was formed.


Our Minister, Rev Peter Ratcliff , was also Editor of English Churchman newspaper from 2005 to January 2021. For the Christian reader there is an archive of these editions at (offline, but contact us for link) Short answers to some frequently asked questions can be found at (also offline at the moment)

For those who are not Christians or are not sure of their salvation we highly recommend attending church services where you will hear preaching. Being among keen Christians, despite our many failings, will prove to be far more helpful than endless searching around online. If you are not nearby we may be able to recommend a church near you.


Public Worship

While "the church is the people" and we worship God all day every day, the heart of our lives is the Lord's Day (Sunday) when we meet together morning and evening because Jesus says, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them". Therefore we believe in reverent worship.

Lord's Day (Sunday) morning services at 11 am at William Morris House, 267 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 1SD . We are preaching through the GOSPEL OF JOHN.

All very welcome.

Evening service at 6.30pm is at William Morris House, 267 The Broadway. Wimbledon SW19 1SD, Ground Floor room). Preaching is currently on: "THE BOOK OF REVELATION".


Midweek Services

Our main midweek meeting is

usually on Wednesdays at 4.45pm - 

Currently this is a short form of Evening Prayer with preaching through THE BOOK OF THE PROPHET JEREMIAH.

All are very welcome.

Many of us also join an international prayer meeting online on Mondays from 7pm to 8.30pm which is led by friends at the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).

There is also a monthly Church of England (Continuing) prayer meeting.

Services are also usually held on Good Friday and 25th December.

Contact us for details of all these.



We post our sermons online and usually broadcast services on Youtube and Facebook. This helps those who genuinely cannot get out and for those searching and who may be shy to come in. While this has been very useful during the Coronavirus outbreak, we do not believe in "cyber church". We should meet together in local churches, not hop around the world online! We are happy to suggest a church near you.



We are a small church which has its advantages and disadvantages. We aren't a clique and we do genuinely love to have all sorts of people together. You can call the minister, Rev Peter Ratcliff, on 07946 465156 or email through the form below.




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